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United in Promoting Quality & Best Practices
The Strategic Indiana Provider Network (SIPN) is a group of 10 non-profit agencies providing services to individuals with disabilities, children, and families in more than 70 counties in Indiana. Currently, the total staff of SIPN partner agencies includes 2,700 Rehabilitation Professionals. These professionals are directed by leaders with an average of 31 years of leadership experience. SIPN supports the efforts of organizations in educating the general public about services and resources available in the region to individuals with disabilities as well as people with social, personal, economic, or other challenges.  SIPN also collaborates on educational and training activities to improve best practices. SIPN sees its role as that of a shared services company, with three primary areas of focus: 1. Consolidating IT departments and services 2. Creating a shared human resources program 3. Creating a financial planning and analysis team As these initiatives take shape, SIPN member agencies could collectively achieve an estimated savings of $1.2 million in administrative expenses by combining resources and taking advantage of the resulting efficiencies.