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BARTHOLOMEW COUNTY LIFEDesigns was formed from a partnership between two well-established organizations, Options and Christole. As Options was established in 1982 and Christole in 1981, LIFEDesigns combines more than 30 years of experience from each agency with an innovative approach to enhancing communities. By bringing together broad and unique expertise into one all-inclusive organization, LIFEDesigns is able to provide a complete spectrum of services all provided IN the community.   400 people served  Staff: 376 Founded: 1982 Developmental Services, Inc. provides services for adults and children with mental, physical and emotional disabilities.    DSI was established in 1975 and provides early intervention for infants and toddlers, residential living options, job training, placement and follow-along, respite care, family support, individualized-community-based services, programs for seniors and many other services.  DSI serves 40 counties in Indiana. 1900 people served  Staff: 600 Founded: 1975